1950     Population in Asotin County grows 30% in 10 years.

1951       Asotin County Fire District 1 formed by a vote of the people to

              serve the greater Clarkston area outside the city limits.
1952      Purchased first two fire trucks for use by 15 volunteer firefighters.
1980     Population grows 22% in 10 years. Hired fire chief as first full‐time

2000    Population increases almost 17% in 10 years.

2003    Hired an assistant chief, the fire district’s second full‐time                

2006    Fire insurance rating improves, reducing insurance premiums for

2009    Paramedics begin responding to emergency medical calls from the               fire station through the Lewiston partnership. Response times are                 reduced. Call volumes increase from 260 to 1,800.

2010     Annexed 12 square miles south of Asotin. Started providing

              administrative services to City of Asotin Fire Department.
2011       Passed a 6‐year levy for emergency medical service to maintain

               Advanced Life Support and pre‐hospital care. 
2014      Purchased building at 2377 Appleside Boulevard for future fire

2016     EMS levy up for renewal in August before it expires.

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